Developed with the promise to deliver eCommerce stores that engage and expand. An opportunity to realise every dream with an online store.

Tribe - The Story

Not every dream travels across from a vision to reality. Tribe did.

As eCommerce experts it becomes our imperative responsibility to provide solutions that offer exceptional user experiences. A channel where every user feels connected, where buying feels secure, performance meets expectations, and experience spells trust, Tribe powered online stores check all boxes.

An eCommerce software that empowers business owners/retailers anywhere in the world with a platform to reach out to their customers easily, no big investments, no set-up complexities, and absolutely no barriers to scale. With integrations that favor standards and support that builds confidence, Tribe provides a robust backbone to any online commerce channel without any capital investment.

From The Founder’s Desk

The Founder & CEO - Manish Bhalla, has always aligned the organization to develop future-proof software solutions rather than bewildering documentation.

In 2015, Manish and the whole team traveled a well-orchestrated pathway of the agile-stage gate to develop an eCommerce marketplace software- Yo!Kart, a product that not only brought laurels to the company but is still propelling umpteen businesses headway.


The enormous response propelled the Yo!Kart team to acknowledge appreciation and give it back to the community where it truly deserves. Navigating businesses during these pressing times requires more than just determination, the need was to scrutinize and address the roadblocks comprehensively. At Tribe, our mission is to help small & medium retailers thrive by enabling 1 million SMBs to go digital in the coming years.


Tribe is an eCommerce store software available free of cost, enabling global brick and mortar retailers and startups to sail amid the 2020-21 pandemic storm. Tribe is India’s FIRST eCommerce platform that offers fully eCommerce set up with source code ownership at Zero Cost.”

Challenges Tribe Will Help Overcome

After extensive research by our product development team, we found that many brick & mortar store owners or small businesses couldn’t go digital/online successfully because of the following reasons:

  • SaaS eCommerce software are cost-effective to start but the majority of software comes with regular recurring costs and transaction fees which a startup or small business can’t afford initially.
  • The learning curve of many eCommerce store software is considerably steep. A complex framework, inconvenient design, and no access to source code restricts venture’s growth.
  • Small businesses and startups opt for the basic plan that does not offer timely technical support.
  • Minimum scope of Customization and scalability
  • Most free eCommerce software lack intuitive user-interface and standard functionalities.

Considering these major challenges, we decided to build a one-stop eCommerce software solution to serve the small and medium business community. Read the full review of Tribe and explore what makes it the perfect solution to launch an online store for selling physical as well as digital products.

Development Phase

The idea was to launch “Tribe” at the end of 2021, but when the Pandemic spread, the small retailers’ stores and startups were the worst hit. We decided to speed up the development process but to build a full-fledged software, it takes time and patience. The software is ready when the business owners need it the most.

Tribe is developed after 10000+ hours of development work by an agile and highly experienced software developers team who built Yo!Kart.

Development Phase

Benefits of Tribe For Business Owners


Built on industry-leading open-source framework “Laravel”

Hosted Solution

Can be hosted on choice of web server with full source code (Self-hosted solution)

Agile Team

Backed by an agile team


Easy to customize and scale


Tech support is available from the day one


FREE with Lifetime License

Why The Name TRIBE?

Currently, we all are interconnected or integrated as a Global Village because of the internet. But this global community is further segregated in the form of small tribes or clusters where a group of people share common interests or desires. We aim to empower individuals or businesses to form their hyper-personalized tribes in digital commerce to connect with 2.14 Billion digital buyers living in the global village.

Tribe Values

Tribe’s Commitment to Powerful Purpose

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