Advantages of Using a Laravel Based eCommerce Software to Build an Online Store


The eCommerce sector has witnessed unforeseen and accelerated growth. A steady rise since mid ’90s was accelerated by the uncertainties of the pandemic, resulting in dramatic growth of the sector. Consecutive lockdowns and unsafe circumstances led to change in shopping preferences of buyers, instigating a metamorphosis of the global retail landscape.

Amidst the challenging global economic picture, the eCommerce sector has been the bright silver lining. Entrepreneurs and SMB’s seeking a plausible way to enter the flourishing eCommerce sector has led to a demand for robust turnkey solutions that can expedite and simplify the transition process.

Many capable eCommerce solutions can enable setting up of online stores. But not all of them are the same. They vary in costs, features, ease of use, and more. 

A key differentiating factor in online store solutions is the development process implemented in engineering the software. Technologies used to build the software would determine the features, usability, and much more. The web frame-work used, provides the foundation to the software, making it an integral part of the development process. Among popular choices for web frameworks, Laravel is best suited in providing a robust foundation to the eCommerce website. In this article, read how Laravel Based eCommerce software imparts an edge to websites developed using them. 

Laravel 一 The Dynamic Solution To Robust, Flexible, Scalable eCommerce Solutions

Laravel has simplified eCommerce website development by bringing key benefits to the table. Elaborated hereunder are some of these benefits. 

Customizing Laravel Built Websites Is Efficient

Customizability is key to planning an eCommerce business project. It enables a business to be flexible with the launch. Requisite business functionalities can be included at the start, and additional requirements can be added as and when required. The following features make Laravel built websites more customizable 

  • Open-source with a strong Developer Community 

The web framework is backed by a widespread and reliable developer community, establishing an ecosystem that aids in complex technical challenges.

  • Artisan 一 Built-in tool to enhance efficiency 

Laravel features the nifty tool, Artisan. It is a tool that eases repetitive tasks for the developer, cutting down on the time it takes for the developer to build websites, increasing productivity, and consequently decreasing the required time for project completion or project modification. 

  • Object-Oriented Libraries 一 enhanced flexibility and speed with modular programming

Laravel is a dynamic and versatile web framework with pre-installed libraries that facilitate modular programming resulting in faster and efficient website development.  

  • Model View Controller architecture 一 Dynamic, faster, asynchronous development

MVC architecture of Laravel ensures layers in logic, presentation, and documentation of the software. This makes it easier to discern between logic and presentation to the developer, expediting the documentation process. Efficient documentation facilitates ease of knowledge transfer, making it easier to work on the software after it has been developed. In short, customizations are easier with better-documented software, which in turn is assisted by MVC architecture of Laravel.

Scalability  一   Ensuring Future Viability Of An eCommerce Software

eCommerce businesses have the potential to scale expeditiously. The turnkey solution used should be flexible to support the online business expansion. Laravel based eCommerce software is inherently scalable. Along with all the features that make software customizable, the web framework provides the following advantages that aid in online business augmentation 

  • Easy Third-Party integration 

Easier third-party integration ensures multiple opportunities to scale the business by incorporating functionalities that let a business scale or innovate by way of tailoring the business model to suit the target market. 

  • Database optimization 

Object-relational mapping or ORM facilitates convenient database migration making it easier to upgrade the software or manage it by removing old and redundant information.  

Security 一 Facilitating Buyer Trust, An eCommerce Imperative 

With personal data and financial information involved, users like to shop from secure eCommerce websites. Laravel Based eCommerce software can wade off security challenges of the modern world. 

  • Specialized security tools

Laravel based eCommerce software have protection against security risks such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. Furthermore, Bcrypt hashing algorithms enables safer password generation.  

  • User authentication and authorization

Developers can set a logic to allow access to the eCommerce software, enhancing its security. Increased security means lesser instances of user fraud, therefore augmenting business reputation and assuring the buyer of a safe shopping experience. 

  • Cookie protection

Laravel features enhanced protection for cookies via an application key. Cookie protection ensures that the data of the buyer remains safe, enhancing security.

Build your online business with the assurance of Laravel

Features That Augment User Experience 

  • Faster website performance

The Laravel web framework supports popular cache backends like Memcached and Redis. By default, Laravel is configured to use the file cache driver, which stores cached objects in the file system. This aids with the speed and performance of the website. 

Additional Unique Benefits of Laravel 

Unique benefits accrued from Laravel eCommerce platform are as follows

  • Build Robust websites 

Testing forms the backbone of well-engineered websites by eliminating errors in the code. Laravel facilitates seamless unit testing resulting in stable sites.

  • Faster Go-to-market time

Increased programming efficiency means the project development time is reduced. Laravel thus facilitates faster project delivery thereby reducing the go-to-market time span of the business.

The advantages discussed validate the edge Laravel has over other web frameworks in building dynamic, secure, and flexible eCommerce software. The benefits extend crucial leverage that results in progressive websites.

Be future-ready with a scalable, customizable, and secure Laravel based online store

Considering the matchless Laravel benefits, we employed this versatile web framework to build a contemporary eCommerce solution, Tribe. Let’s have a look at what makes this online store solution, a nonpareil choice to start an online business. 

Tribe 一 Laravel Based Free eCommerce Software 

Tribe is an online store solution that is engineered ground up to assist entrepreneurs and SMBs conveniently transition to the eCommerce sector. Engineered with a mission to maximize eCommerce adoption for the business community, Tribe enables building online stores with ease and simplicity cutting down the time and resources required to develop eCommerce websites from scratch, minimizing the capital investment. 

The focus in the software’s development has been to provide a secure, scalable, and customizable turnkey solution that addresses all the pain points of startups looking to sell via the online channel. 

Considering all the advantages of developing software using Laravel, Tribe has been engineered using the rich-featured web framework, inheriting all benefits that Laravel imparts. Consequently, Tribe is a scalable, customizable secure Laravel eCommerce platform.  

Apart from being a powerful online store solution, Tribe extends the value proposition by offering the following 

  • Tribe is offered free of cost 

Zero set-up costs, nill transaction fee, and no recurring charges make Tribe 100% free with absolutely no hidden costs.

  • A first 一 Get source code along with the software 

Unlike other free eCommerce software Tribe offers full source-code ownership that gives full flexibility of store customization 

  • Free installation and 3-month technical support 

Extending further support, Tribe is also installed at your shared server specifications for free, expediting the tedious and technically complex process endured in installation of similar software. Also part of the package is a complimentary 3-month technical support that covers troubleshooting support for any bugs encountered while using the software. 

  • Power-packed simplicity accelerates eCommerce transition 

Features like Drag and Drop CMS editor shortens the learning curve required to get used to the software, reduces dependency on technical processes, and fast-tracking the go-to-market time for the online business. Additionally, three modes Beginner, Intermediate, and Xpert control the CMS depending upon familiarity with front-end design of the user.  

  • Maximize online business possibilities with rich features

Pre-integrated APIs, in-built POS, and many other such features enhance opportunities for the online business.  

  • Trust of Yo!Kart 

Team Yo!Kart has used its eCommerce expertise in devising a high-quality solution. Tribe shares the same ethos as Yo!Kart multi-vendor software. 

To Conclude 

Flexible and versatile Laravel leverages eCommerce functionalities that facilitate eCommerce success. It aids business planning by streamlining website development. A secure ecosystem provided by Laravel proffers the requisite assurance to buyers to ensure seamless business operations 

Furthermore, Open-source architecture ushers in community support to catalyze innovations in the web framework

Tribe, a Laravel based eCommerce software brings in all advantages that the Laravel framework offers. Additionally, the powerful online store solution benefits from a ZERO cost package and support from team Yo!Kart.

Factors listed above positions Tribe as a compelling holistic eCommerce solution to power your online store. 

Build your online business with the assurance of Laravel

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